Airfreight Services


APPGLC offers the fastest route to the destination via the major airport. Our Warehouse facilities in (FCZ) allow us to handle APPGLC business.

Import or Export goods of all type – e.g.: raw materials, food products, textile and consumer goods- as well as heavy machinery, vehicles, dangerous goods and Hectare in good hand with APPGLC  Airfreight

Service worldwide, on request DOOR to DOOR service……….. All think to selected partnership spanning every continent.

Cycle time, punctuality and cost are what we care most. Of the same importance, our detailed advance, notice is sure to reach consignee before flight departure, to allow custom pre-clearance before flight arrival and for better planning at the receiving warehouse.

In conjunction with TRAXON and TDNI, the information system used by most of the airlines, APPGLC facilitates high-precision status reports on your shipment.

Our air process is to document each movement of your consignment, to furnish you with better insight of our careful handling, to keep you updated with our daily, weekly and monthly record.

We continuously measure our performance by studying the document process to always strive for new ideas to improve service and lower costs.